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08 May 2013

Pros and Cons of SharePoint 2013

Living in a Microsoft-dominated world, it’s easy to accept that SharePoint is the clear champion when it comes to content management systems.

SharePoint has taken the corporate intranet by storm, and nearly two-thirds of medium to large-size organizations in the 'Western World' have SharePoint in some shape or form.

But does it live up to the hype?

To find out more about the Pros & Cons of SharePoint 2013 (SP2013), then look no further then the slides from Toby Ward of Prescient Digital Media and Tamer El Shazli of Social Business Interactive.

You can of course look through the entire slide pack, but to save you doing that to some extent here are some of the major Pros and Cons below.

  1. SP2013 comes with improved branding and customization options. Whilst this is much improved from 2010, it's still not as good as it could be.
  2. The user interface is now independent from Silverlight.
  3. SP2013 now includes app stores. Whilst the new custom apps concept makes SharePoint customization a lot easier the apps are still very clunky and rudimentary.
  4. The office apps in SP2013 are however very impressive.
  5. SP2013 includes enhanced social features, which we are sure many organizations and individuals will be pleased about. For example the newsfeed is now much more like Twitter. However the social features still have their limitations and issues. You also have to think that Yammer will have an impact on SP2013, it may either complete the social features or augment them, either way it's bound to have an impact.
  6. SP2013 includes an enhanced mobile experience. Whilst this experience is better than previous versions it's still not ideal.
  7. Finally SP2013 offers an improved cloud experience, with the introduction of SkyDrive.

Here is the full presentation:


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