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Today businesses face an increasing range of challenges that can only be tackled successfully with smart, responsive and integrated IT solutions.

The technical team at Verelogic help customers adopt a collaborative approach using to:

Bring teams together by driving visibility around key business drivers using a platform that everyone already knows how to use

Improve processes and enhance productivity, therefore improving the bottom line by making sure the right users have access to the right information at the right time

Facilitate information sharing and team work to enhanced transparency, resulting in reduce business risk by identifying business challenges earlier

We have technical experts with skills in the following key technologies:

  • .Net
  • Web Development
  • Windows GUI Applications
  • Windows Services
  • Sharepoint
  • Web Services
  • Console Applications
  • Relational Database Programming
  • Applications for the "cloud"
  • Mobile Applications
  • Applications for iPad

Our team at Verelogic would like to learn more about the business challenges your business faces over the coming months.  For an informal chat or to arrange a meeting please contact us on 01793 544994 or email

Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

Thankfully Verelogic's experts solved them all!...

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