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Data Cloud


Many organisations have legacy systems that they need to keep for compliance purposes, but are not required on a day to day basis. These are often left running on old physical servers (representing a risk of failure) or are now consuming resources in a virtual environment. There is also often a push from those responsible for security to keep them on a supported OS and patched with latest vulnerability fixes. All of this work just on the chance that a piece of the data may be required at some point in the future.


Verelogic have a solution to this problem in the form of a managed archive & search service. Hosted in our local datacentre and in Azure, along with offsite backups, the service user can choose the location of the Azure data, limiting to UK, Europe or other regions as required. Data integrity is tested annually by accessing the system to ensure it remains viable.


Included in the service are search requests for data contained in the DB. We use a variety of tools, including our own toolset, depending on the source data, to undertake the searches and provide data as csv or pdf.


The service is provided at a fixed price for the agreed term, typically 3, 5 or 7 years and includes all searches.

Want to find out more about this exiting new service?!

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