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The Top 10 Highest Paying I.T Contractor Roles Currently

Contracting is quickly becoming the most obvious route for I.T professionals​​ that are skilled in the industry. There are a load of different perks involved with this employment route, such as flexibility on when you want to work, higher daily pay rates and a wider abundance of work. But with a lot of different factors having an impact in a potential contracting career, it's hard to know where to start.

We are going to start at the very top, seeing which roles are currently paying the most and are in more demand, as well as looking at which skills employers are currently looking to bring on board. Technology is incredibly fast paced, and to stay at the top of the high paying bracket, it is essential to keep up to date with all of the latest skills, and trends.

Here are the current top ten highest paying contractor roles in the UK, according to

All data correct as of December 2018.

The actual day rate will of course vary depending upon the relevant skills and your experience in that specific area. Other things that could change the rate of pay is location, company budget, and the demand for your skill and technology knowledge. However, the table above can give you a clear indication of which roles are currently paying out the most.

So, you've seen the list of the highest paying roles in I.T Contracting currently, but that can be pretty vague. Are you wanting to know if the skills you have currently can push you into that top ten bracket?

Here are the current top I.T Contracting skills by demand

Data supplied via, and correct as of December 2018.

With Java topping the list of the most in demand skill currently, you'll have ample choice of contracting roles if you have this skill in particular. Whilst skills such as SQL, C# and .NET are seemingly always in the top ten, there are many skills that are emerging currently that have taken a seat in the list. For example, there has been a significant rise in the number of Cyber Security contract roles available in the last year or so. With more and more data breaches emerging in the media, companies with sensitive data are ensuring this doesn't happen, and therefore investing more into Cyber Security.

Where can I find these contractor roles?

Verelogic have become more aware of the rise in contracting roles, and we are working closely with our clients and customers to meet their demands for contractors. With a wide range of roles currently open and looking to be filled immediately, we can find a role tailored specifically for your skills.

So, if you are looking for a contracting role where you can secure a higher daily pay rate, and have the ability to work from home, simply email us your CV and we can get in touch with a range of roles to suit you.


Telephone: 01793 544990

If you are however, looking for a more permanent position in the I.T sector, then take a look at our Permanent Vacancies on our website for further information.

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