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Verelogic Solutions Win IT Project with Major World Wide Bank!

Verelogic IT Solutions are delighted to announce the completion of one of our latest project, using our very own extraction tool!

The team have been actively promoting our new tool, which has been created to help companies and organisations alike with their compliance purposes and regulations.

After meeting with one of the biggest banks in the World, the company explained how they had a large Notes Database containing a wide variety of records & documents, some of which are required to be retained for compliance purposes. Verelogic were able to show off the extraction tool we had created, which works by extracting data and storing it safely in on-site data centres, as well as in the cloud until the data is then needed again in which Verelogic can then select certain or specific data and easily return it back to the company.

Since winning the project, the team have successfully completed the project, where by selected data was extracted to CSV file and PDF files, and then placed in a searchable file share where it will be subsequently ingested to SharePoint.

If you would like to find out more about our extraction tool, simply view our short clip here for a brief overview. Alternatively, get in touch with the team on the information provided.

We look forward to assisting you further!

01793 513844

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