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International Real Estate Business Rely On Verelogic To Successfully Provide Help With Their Project

We love helping people, who doesn't, right? So being part of the the Solutions team is an endless feeling of warmth, knowing we help companies become one step closer to their goals!

For this particular client, one of the largest Real Estate Management Companies in the world, we helped supply an online calculator for their clients - which enables them to gauge the cost of various office types in cities across the world.

The system used was written internally by an offshore team using Angular JS. Verelogic then provided a custom hosting environment in Azure, with high speed global endpoint delivery from Verizon. We also provided help with code changes during the UAT period, including significant enhancements to the printing capabilities (Cool, right?!)

If you need help with any of your projects, and don't know who to turn to, why not try us? We love proving that we can help even in the trickiest situations! So come on, test us!

You can call us on 01793 513844

or send the team on email on

We look forward to assisting you further!!

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