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Verelogic Help Large Train Operating Company With Migration

With roughly 1.7 billion commuters travelling by train each year, and around 22,500 trains running every day, it's no wonder why train operation companies and organisations alike need to make sure that every thing is running smoothly, both on the platforms and within their headquarters.

One of the biggest train operating companies within the UK has recently acquired a new franchise, and they have sought our help here at Verelogic to help with the migration from IBM Notes, to Office 365.

A migration of 4000 users can be tricky enough, and the nature of the business means a dispersed workforce, who do not visit the office and who only have access to email via mobile devices. However, with no problem too big, we set up a Quest Co-Existence Environment between Notes and Office 365 and also assisted in the configuration of AD Synchronisation.

Intune was then used to manage the changes to mobile devices, enabling all the changes to be made remotely. In addition to all of this fabulous work, we also provided a specialist support hotline to deal with any questions arising post migration, to avoid not only a strain on the existing help desk, but to keep any customers using our services happy!

If you need help with any of your projects, and don't know who to turn to, why not try us? We love proving that we can help even in the trickiest situations! So come on, test us!

You can call us on 01793 513844

or send the team on email on

We look forward to assisting you further!!

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