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Preparing for an Interview - Top Tips

Congratulations on your Interview!

Landing the perfect job rarely just happens; apart from having the right qualifications and necessary experience it requires ambition, a will to succeed, good communication skills and maybe a little bit of luck thrown in for good measure.

Having decided on the role, the location & salary expectation, you’ve taken time to build strong contacts in the industry to identify suitable job opportunities. Your updated CV is well received by the industry and you get the all-important phone call inviting you to attend an interview.

With the finishing line in sight, taking charge of planning for your interview day will pay dividends to achieve interview success; banishing any chance of nerves getting in the way.

Top 10 tips to help you approach an interview with confidence:

  1. Do your research- Learn about your prospective employer, their culture and the team.

  2. Read through the job spec and talk to your recruitment consultant. Find out who will be interviewing you and anticipate potential interview questions.

  3. Plan your interview day to avoid any last-minute rushing. Find out the location of the interview. How you’re going to get there & how long your journey will take?

  4. The average length of an interview will be around 40 minutes, but 33% of 2000 surveyed recruiters mentioned that they know within the very first 90 seconds of the interview if they will recruit the candidate.Use this information to ensure you make the right first impression - choose appropriate business dress/presentation.

  5. Your prospective employer has already decided they like you enough to offer you an interview from what they’ve read on your CV, so before you arrive for interview take another good look at your CV and remind yourself why you should get the job – i.e. your experience, strengths and skills. This will boost your confidence and help you answer any possible competency-based interview questions.

  6. Don’t get caught short! - Go to the loo beforehand if needed.

  7. The interview begins the minute you arrive at the interview venue. You may only be in the meeting for 20 minutes, but it begins the moment you arrive, and people do like to talk!

  8. Walk tall! – Good body language will make you feel confident and create the right impression.

  9. When you arrive at reception - smile, make eye contact, be attentive and polite to everyone you meet along the way, from the receptionist to the interviewers. A smile and a handshake will go a long way.

  10. If you are offered a drink, accept it. Avoid tea/coffee, but a glass of water maybe very useful. A drink can be a very handy prop for an interview: It can be use it as opportunity to compose yourself during a conversation as a natural break before answering a question. You may avoid the embarrassment of a sudden dry mouth or cough.

And remember, relax; take a moment to remind yourself that you have great skills and experience to bring to this new role.

Remember, the people you meet today know how it feels to be an interviewee; they’ve been in your shoes.

Want to have this tips handy whilst you are on the go? Download the PDF here.

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