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What Is 'Managed Resource Services'?

We get it, Managed Resource Services can mean many things, in many different industries. So what does it mean in regards to Recruitment, and the IT sector?

With over 30 years of experience within the industry, we've found a solution to the way External Resources are handled.

It can be difficult to find a resource for your organisation or project, without going through the dreaded 'recruitment agency' steps. At Verelogic, we understand that this process can be complicated, and seem less personal. So we came up with 'Managed Resource Services' in order to change the status quo.

Managing contractors can be a logistical nightmare, right? So, why don't we deal with it for you? We will build a strong relationship with you, to gain an insight into your business and how you work. We will then take the responsibility of contractors away from you, and pass it onto ourselves. What's better, with our expertise, and team of on-site developers, we have extensive knowledge in various software developments and languages in order to provide the best solution and contractors needed for your project.

Sounds simple when it's broken down, doesn't it?! So, what are the steps for this process?

  • You email us your requirements to ensure we provide you with a suitable contractor with all of the relevant skills.

  • We then technically vet any contractors that we think are suitable - using our team of on-site developers.

  • We will send across some profiles that match your needs.

  • We will organise a working day interview for you, so that you can have the contractor on site for a day to ensure they meet your business needs. If you feel they are not the right person for the job, there will be no charge and we will simply look for another suitable person.

With this process, we take the all of the responsibility, leaving you to deal with the important stuff.

If you would like more details about managed resource services, then get in touch with one of the team!

Telephone: 01793 411199


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