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The Best Tips To Beat The January Blues!

January has arrived. The most miserable of all the months. The winter has really kicked in, and there's not a Christmas tree in sight to make any of it any better!

The festive cheer is well and truly over, and you're back at work like the holidays never even happened. However, January doesn't have to consist of the blues, and depressing times. Let's put some happiness back into the first month of a very new decade!

Here are our top tips on how to bring joy into January:

Take in your surroundings

This may seem like a simple one, however it is one of the most effective! Most people miss the beauty of nature in the winter due to being wrapped up in the warm, but pop outside - even into your garden and you'll see beautiful things.

The crisp, cold frost on the tree's, the sound of the birds in the morning (did you know that the Tawny Owl is at it's loudest in the winter?) - the woodpeckers that start drumming in January. The breading season of the fox means that you are more like to see and hear Vixen's trying to attract her mate.

Need more inspiration on how to get more into nature? Take a look at the website linked below.