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Corporate Day For Swindon Food Collective

Did you know that Verelogic Group support the Swindon Food Collective?

Helping local charities has always been top of our agenda at Verelogic, and we are always keen to sponsor different charities in need. From local grass roots football teams, to food banks - we want to be helping everywhere we can!

This Wednesday 26th January, the team here will be taking part in a corporate day at Swindon Food Collective. Our sales teams will spend the day sorting through donations from supermarkets, businesses, churches and schools at the warehouse and sorting them into their correct boxes.

Not only is this a great team building exercise for our staff at Verelogic, it's also a fantastic way to support the community and getting hands on with the charity. It really will give the team a great sense of feel good factor by helping on a more personal level.

Verelogic have proudly sponsored Swindon Food Collective since the start of 2021, and previously the Food Bank for many years before. Swindon Food Collective are your local, independent food bank. They are here to offer food parcels to people who are facing a crisis and do not have enough food to feed themselves or their families. They operate with 4 part time staff and normally have around 65 volunteers who help with driving and collecting donations or delivering stock, sorting food and packing boxes in the warehouse or at distribution where they give the food to those in need.

Swindon Food Collective are normally feeding IRO 7,000 people a year with nearly 30% of those being children. This equates to over 73,000 meals being provided each year!!

Are you interesting in seeing how you can help support this wonderful charity? Take a look at their website here!


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