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Verelogic Recruitment: The Facilities Management Industry

Verelogic Recruitment is your strategic partner in sourcing top-tier talent for Facilities Management. As part of the Verelogic Group, we bring over ten years of experience and innovative recruitment techniques to support businesses across various industries. While our origins are in IT, our expertise now spans diverse sectors, including Facilities Management.

The Evolving Landscape of Facilities Management

In 2024, the Facilities Management landscape is undergoing a transformation driven by technology, regulations, and sustainability. There's a need for a skilled workforce proficient in building automation, data analysis, and sustainable practices. Engineers and technicians specialising in various systems are in high demand to ensure facilities meet compliance standards and maintain a healthy environment.

HR Managers and Talent Acquisition Specialists encounter unique challenges in the rapidly evolving field of Facilities Management, including:

  • Filling niche roles: Sourcing candidates with specific expertise in water and air treatment and other specialised areas within Facilities Management.

  • Competing for talent: Attracting top-tier professionals in a competitive market where skilled individuals are in high demand.

  • Meeting compliance: Ensuring hires are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the latest regulations and standards governing Facilities Management practices.

How Verelogic Recruitment can help

Verelogic Recruitment offers a comprehensive approach to Facilities Management recruitment, providing customised solutions tailored to your needs. Here's how we can assist you:

1.    Understanding your requirements: We engage in detailed discussions to comprehensively understand your hiring needs and challenges in Facilities Management.

2.    Providing comprehensive support: From the initial consultation to candidate placement, we offer ongoing support throughout the entire recruitment process. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience for you at every stage.

3.    Delivering value-added services: Our services go beyond basic recruitment. We conduct thorough market analysis and benchmark salaries to ensure competitiveness.

Our recruitment specialists are ready to support you through every stage of the hiring process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness at every turn. Whether you're seeking candidates for permanent positions or have specific needs for Full Time Contracts (FTC), our exceptional service is tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Success Stories with Verelogic Recruitment

Client & Candidate Success Stories 

Testimonial 1: “Verelogic Recruitment has been exceptional to work with. Their deep understanding of our needs and dedication to finding the right candidates is unmatched. They swiftly secured a highly qualified Trainee Mechanical Engineer who exceeded our expectations.” – Client, Air & water hygiene, fire damper safety compliance.

Testimonial 2: “Thanks to Sam at Verelogic Recruitment! He helped me so much with my recruitment to a new job as a Trainee Mechanical Engineer and I really appreciate it; definitely recommend him if you’re looking for jobs” – Candidate, Conor

Our Commitment to Your Success

Verelogic Recruitment is committed to providing valuable recruitment services, helping you find the right talent cost-effectively. With our specialised expertise and dedication to your success, we are here to assist you in navigating the complexities of Facilities Management staffing.

Contact us to discover the ideal candidates for your team.


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