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Migrating from Notes 

Organisations still using IBM Lotus Notes are finding it increasingly difficult to link these systems to other line of business applications particularly those in the cloud. This difficult interoperability and the push from Microsoft to a cloud first subscription model, is driving organisations to migrate from IBM. 

Verelogic are experts in helping organisations move from legacy IBM Lotus Notes systems to Microsoft platforms, this applies to both email and applications.  


Often considered the easier of the 2 parts to undertake, mail migrations still require careful planning to minimise disruption and ease deployment. Where there are more than a few hundred seats it is certainly worth implementing co-existence between the old and new environments to allow for a planned migration over time. Verelogic are a Silver+ Partner for Quest, holding the correct certifications to install both Co-existence Manager and Migration Manager. Verelogic have successfully migrated 10’s of thousands of seats using this toolset for customers including Honda UK Manufacturing, Paragon Bank, ScotRail and South Western Railway. Verelogic also have the requisite skills to help configure the Microsoft environment and can advise on Office 365 deployment, directory synchronisation and single sign on. 


Many Companies have invested considerable amounts of money over many years developing Notes based applications and these continue to perform business critical tasks for the organisation. Having tackled email, the question of how to deal with applications is always next on the list. There are choices to be made regarding whether to keep the existing applications running, archive the data, move to SharePoint, replace with off the shelf software or rewrite in .NET for example.  

Verelogic have developed their own toolset that helps analyse the existing databases in use, often uncovering systems that IT were not fully aware of. The toolset can then provide detailed usage information to assist in the decision-making process for each application. The toolset also allows for the export of data in a wide variety of formats, enabling import to SharePoint or other systems 

If you are using IBM Notes and considering a move to Microsoft, we would be glad to discuss completed migration projects and show examples of our bespoke SharePoint applications.

Call on us to learn more about our migration offerings.

Contact us today on 01793 544994 or email for more information.

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