Analysing data


Based in Salisbury
Salary £40k


Verelogic is proud to be supporting one of the Leading Independent schools in the UK with a newly created opportunity. This role would be well suited to an experienced data manager within the education sector looking for their next step in their career. 


Main Duties & Responsibilities:

Strategic data management

  • To maintain an overview of data use throughout the school

  • To proactively develop the use of data throughout the school to ensure that all functions are making the best use of data to inform and develop their work (teaching staff, senior leadership, finance, marketing, admissions and administrative staff)

  • To ensure that data is used effectively to support and inform all stakeholders, including students, parents and governors

  • To take overall responsibility for all aspects of our MIS (currently SchoolBase)

  • To proactively develop the use of our MIS to further support the delivery of an outstanding education

  • To develop and maintain a good understanding of alternative MIS systems to enable effective advice to be given should we wish to consider a change of MIS in the future

  • To train and advise staff to enable their independent use of data and the MIS

  • To oversee software integrations to ensure that our school systems work smoothly with the MIS acting as a single central source of data

  • To ensure high-quality data in all school systems, performing data cleansing as needed

  • To support the Deputy Head (Academic) to ensure effective use of the MIS for reporting, results, academic tracking, timetabling and attendance

  • To develop tools to improve the accessibility and usage of data throughout the school, improving the use of data analytics and data visualisation 

  • To enhance the collection, flow and publication of information from different data sources

  • To understand and develop the policy concerning archiving and retention practices, ensuring that historic data and files are stored in accordance with current legislation and good practice

  • To maintain up to date records and documentation

  • To keep up to date on developments in data management and good practice

  • To commit to continuing professional development to ensure ongoing high performance in this role

  • To work collaboratively with our on-site managed service provider as necessary 


  • To act as the Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO)

  • To advise and liaise with Information Asset Owners, the Data Protection Officer and other Information Governance team members

  • To develop and maintain an Information Risk Register

  • To liaise with our on-site managed service provider to ensure effective management of data threats, hazards and controls

  • To create and oversee the use of Data Protection Impact Assessments 

  • To advise and train staff on GDPR issues and procedures

  • To keep up to date on developments in privacy legislation and good practice


  • To co-ordinate and contribute to the management of the schools' data-related policies, such as Data Protection, Acceptable Use and privacy policies 


Send us a bit of information about yourself, and some key information that you believe will be of benefit to your application, and we'll get back in touch with you!