Vanda is a vacation and absence system that provides the following features:



•Create a vacation request

•Create an absence record for a department member and inform both HR and the Manager

•View all public calendars

•View their own vacation requests

•View their own vacation card

•View their own absence card and those of the same department



•Approve a vacation request

•Reject a vacation request

•Un approve a vacation request

•Create vacation cards (with automatic creation of corresponding absence card)

•Create a copy of a vacation card (for the following period)

•View all vacation cards on which they are specified as approver

•View all absence cards on which they are specified as manager


HR Department

•View all vacation cards

•View all absence cards

•Manage lookups (Absence Types)

•System Administrator

•All features above

•Create and populate SharePoint groups

•Create Public calendars and overlays

•Enter Public holidays

•Modify lookup choices

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