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Verelogic Group are proud to build high quality applications for our customers, all within agreed budgets and time-frames.

​All of our applications are built either using the customers existing technology, or based upon our own recommendation.

Along the way and through-out the process, we ensure we assist in defining requirements and using the appropriate Business Analysis. 


Verelogic will also produce a Statement of Works, High Level Design as well as a Low Level Design.

We will also project manage completely from start to finish, to ensure delivery - where we will then use a mix of in house and trusted associates when required

There is also opportunity to provide post installation support if required.

Want to find out more about how we can Build with you?

Contact us now on

or call the team on 01793 513844


Customer Example - HR/Business


Difficulties onboarding new customers, resulting in payroll problems

Verelogic built a SharePoint-based documentation & reporting application that resulted in the eliminated payroll errors, reduced both onboarding and time-to-value.


Modern Train

Customer Example - Transportation


Increasing calls to outsourced support, coupled with financial constraints

Verelogic built a chatbot built on Microsoft Bot Framework giving some in-house upgrade capability that decreased calls to support, increased customer satisfaction, and had a 4-month ROI


Machine Arm Assembling Car

Customer Example - Manufacturing


Difficulty tracking warranty claims submitted by authorised resellers

Verelogic built an automated warranty claims system that consolidated and processed claims monthly that made it easier to track claim status by both manufacturer and reseller


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