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Verelogic are a highly professional, total resource provider with over 30 years experience.

Founded in 1988, as an IT solutions provider and expanding into recruitment in 2012 Verelogic provide short, mid and long-term engagements and have supported customers, covering a dynamic of industries.

Our services are specifically selected to meet your individual business needs. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service; from supporting your IT Infrastructure to finding that ‘needle in a haystack’ candidate. Our services are tailored specifically to your individual needs.



Verelogic IT Solutions write bespoke software applications to help businesses where the right tool is not available off the shelf. We use Microsoft ( & SharePoint) and IBM (Notes/Domino) technologies to achieve this. In addition, we are actively involved in helping companies migrate to Microsoft Office 365, making use of the excellent tools from Dell/Quest. Once email is migrated, we can then use our SharePoint skills to move apps too. Finally, we provide advice on the most efficient way to license Microsoft & IBM software with a focus on content & collaboration.



Our Recruitment team is made up of Senior consultants whose specialisms expand across a dynamic of industries including; Renewable energy, IT, Engineering and more.

Our approach is very different to any other as we are a total resource provider that:

  • Facilitates a diverse cross section of organisations.

  • Operates several specialist arms including IT solutions, Permanent and Contract Recruitment.

  • Ensures we take the necessary steps to understand each project in its entirety and find the right individuals to effectively carry out the role.

  • Ensures that we understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. Our team of technical experts ensure that the project is effectively delivered end to end.

  • Is experienced in working with international scale companies and has an in depth understanding of how each organisation works and how we can effectively assist.

We support Hybrid working; with businesses needs everchanging and current events altering the way many organisations operate, we are flexible, adaptable and facilitate changing business structures; meaning we can support with international operations.

We understand and appreciate that every company is unique and has its own processes, budgets, and culture, we take the time to understand your business and each requirement in its entirety, ensuring what we do is right for you.