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We are so proud to announce our new sponsorship!

June 22, 2018


Here at Verelogic Group, we have always been fond of supporting the local teams, and grass roots sports.


Already a sponsor for Swindon Town Football Club's adult team for nearly 10 years now, we are delighted to announce that we have agreed to sponsor the local American Football Team - Thames Valley Tigers Juniors!


Now American Football can get a little confusing, with all of the rules, plays and different teams you need in order to play just one game - but once you know the basics, it really is a fantastic sport to watch. It's also a great way to keep your children fit and active!


Whilst the sport is picking up at a rapid rate, and is finding more and more players want to join in, it still suffers from low numbers. To make matters a little harder, BAFA (British American Football Association) recently added a new league into the sport for ages 16 - 19. This meant that instead of players heading straight to the adults team from the varsity team, they would now move up to the 16 - 19 league should they wish.


Unfortunately, for the local American Football Club, Swindon Storm, there wasn't enough players to create 3 separate teams. Thankfully, with the great thinking of one of the coaches from Storm, Adrian Mees - as well as coach Phil from Berkshire Renegades who were also facing the same struggles, they came up with the brilliant plan of merging the two teams together to form Thames Valley Tigers Juniors!


Thames Valley Tigers really have had to start from scratch, so sponsorship has come at a very critical time for them, in order to succeed. They now have a great set-up, and really are starting to hit the ground running in some of their games! 


We have also been busy creating recruitment flyers here in the office to post around both the Swindon and Reading area, in the hope of attracting more players! So if you see one of our posters up anywhere, be sure to scan the QC code which will take you directly to their Facebook page where you can hit the like button and, if you are interested or know anyone interested in playing for the team, then pop the coaches a message!


Thames Valley Tigers next game will be held on Sunday 8th July at Reading Uni Sports Park where they will take on the Hertfordshire Cheetahs.






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