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Verelogic Have Successfully Won & Begun Work With A Major UK Retail Operation!

We love to show off our projects and partnerships with some great customers, who wouldn't right?!

We are especially proud of our most recent project, that is still ongoing with one of the biggest UK Retail operations!

When Verelogic was asked if we could help complete a migration from IBM Domino/Notes, to the Microsoft 365 Suite of products, we of course said yes!

The work has involved using the Quest Co-Existence and migration software to ensure a seamless and great User Experience as they move between the platforms. The project involved a complete culture change for the organisation with SharePoint and Teams being deployed as a new way to collaborate and work together on mission critical projects and tasks. Doing this ensures the retail operation function at their highest standards. We are assisting with the Development Migration and Adoption of the new platform for our excellent client.

If you have any problems or queries about your IBM Domino/Notes software, or you are looking to migrate to the Microsoft 365 Suite, then why not give us a call?

You can call us on 01793 513844

or send the team on email on

We look forward to assisting you further!!

across all parts of the organisation.

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